Seminars and Training

•Married Couples Intensives
•Singles’ Ministry
•HOPE Foundation
•Church Networking Center
•Parenting Model Seminars
•Mentoring Youth Programs
•Christian Training Institute
•Men’s and Women’s Ministries

Ministry Descriptions and Objectives

Ministry of Hospitality: Greeters, Ushers, Nurses, Entertainment/Caterers
Objective: Serve and assist, maintain appropriate atmosphere conducive of worship and/or fellowship.

Youth Council: Youth Choir, Tutors, Programs, Activities, Volunteer Staff
Objective: Organize and involve youth in the mainsteam program of the church; provide wholistic ministry to youth.

Outreach and Evangelism: Community, Prison, Nursing Home/Convalescent
Objective: Reach the populous outside of the Church with the Gospel and convert them to Jesus Christ.

Care Ministry: KIT Partners, Members Relations, In Touch Correspondence, College and Visitors
Objective: Communicate to all constituency of the local church

•Ministry of Intercessors: Altar Workers, Prayer Warriors, Prayer Partners, Prayer Clinics
Objective: Instantly, earnestly, consistently pray on the behalf of others, with others, ushering in deliverance.

•Tech Team: Sound, Camera, Audio Tape, Video
Objective: Set up, operate and instruct others in the use of technical equipment and production of media

•Ministry of Worship: Praise Team, Choir, Musicians, Program Coordinator, Dancers
Objective: Engage and enhance the worship of the Church

•Scribes: Historians, Secretaries, Administrators
Objective: Record, maintain documents and assist in special projects

•Ministry of Education: Sunday School, CTI, Project Coordinator
Objective: Present information, train, teach to enhance the lives of the congregates

•CNC: Human Resources, Community Liaison, Government Education
Objective: Provide information and assistance to the community; Housing, Government, education

•Family Life: Men, Women, Single, Married, Youth
Objective: To enhance the quality fo life for all components of the church

•Deacons Board: Security, Good Samaritans, Maintenance
Objective: Maintain the work of ministry and assist where assigned for special needs

•Mothers Board: Ceremonies, Dorcas Society
Objective: Assist with ceremonial preparations, prayer ministry and general aid to the pastor

•Board of Presbytery: Elders, Prophets, Teachers, Evangelists, Missionaries
Objective: Serve the local and general church in areas of calling and assigned areas for the building, equipping, perfecting of the Kingdom

•Finance Committee:
Objective: Count, Document, and Wrap Offerings, Disburse funds according to instruction, budgetary needs

Objective: Selected representatives to oversee general, temporal, fiscal affairs of the corporation LEM, Inc.